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4/22/20233 min read

Would you like to experiment with a design like this? You'll find a supply list below, including a link to the stencil I used from A Colorful Life Designs . Follow the link and use discount code ChrisFan10 to save 10% on your entire order! (Master Creator Bundles are excluded as they already have a 20% discount built in.)

Let's Get Started:

Card Base: 4.25 x 11, scored and folded at 5.5

Framing layer: 4 x 5.25

Card Face: 3 7/8 x 5 1/8

Card Face:

** I used Mint Tape to secure the stencils in each instance, and also to mask off the area where ink was to be applied.

  • I positioned the first layer of the Layered Cups stencil in the lower right hand corner. I only wanted one cup to be inked, so I masked everything else around it and used a blending brush and a light hand to apply green ink.

  • I wanted the second cup to have the handle on the left, so I flipped the stencil and placed the cup to the left and slightly higher on the paper. I masked off the surrounding area, and once again applied ink with a light hand.

** In both instances I selected a cup on the left hand side of the stencil - when I reversed the stencil t the first one I inked was on the right hand side, and the inky surface was away from the card face. Another, better way to protect the surface is simply to clean the stencil carefully before flipping it over. I simply didn't take the time to do this in the moment.

  • I used the second layer stencil to apply the designs to the cups, again masking off to prevent smudges. There are no handles on this second stencil, so I didn't have to reverse it this time. I used the same ink, allowing the layering of the ink to create a new, more intense shade.

  • I put the card face into my stamp positioner and added the sentiment.

  • I took a long narrow embossing folder , positioned it on the left hand side of the card face and ran it through my Big Shot. (I was gifted several of these from someone who was downsizing their supply. They are approximately 1/2" wide)

  • Taking the same green ink pad I carefully brushed the edges of all four sides, leaving a very narrow line of green ink..


I also inked the vertical edges of both the border layer and the card base.

Technique: Masking is a term used when you protect a surface from contamination by unwanted ink or multimedia products. There are several products that you can buy specifically for this purpose but in this instance I simply used Mint Tape and created a border around the cup each time I applied ink - I used a 1" tape, which is wide enough to ensure that the ink stayed within the boundaries.


  • I glued the framing layer to the card base, and then glued the card face onto the top of both.

  • I added three small green gems on top of the embossing on the left.

Final Thoughts: I had this CAS (Clean and Simple) design stuck in my head, and it just wouldn't leave me alone .... it took three attempts to get it out and onto cardstock. I'm glad I persevered, because I'm really happy with the end result. CAS isn't my usualy style - but I love it!

Supplies (and links where possible)

Stencil: Layered Cups, A Colorful Life Designs

Stamp: Coffee House, The Colorado Craft Company, Simon Says Stamp

Ink: Stampin' Up!

Blending Brushes: Taylored Expressions, LDRS -, Simon Says Stamp

Embossing folder (gifted, I have no idea)

Big Shot: Amazon,, Simon Says Stamp

Stamp Positioner: Misti - Spellbinders,, Simon Says Stamp

I use a product that has recently retired, however the Misti is similar.

Adhesive: Tombo Aqua, Amazon, Simon Says Stamp

Card Base: Accent 100 lb., Amazon

Framing Layer and Card Face: Accent 80 lb., Amazon

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