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Would you like to experiment with a design like this? You'll find a supply list below, including a link to the stencil I used from A Colorful Life Designs . Follow the link and use discount code ChrisFan10 to save 10% on your entire order! (Master Creator Bundles are excluded as they already have a 20% discount built in.)

I have loved the Simple Trees stencil since the first time I saw it - it has a fun, midcentury modern vibe that I love. I was so happy to ink it up when it arrived!

Let’s Get Started:

Card Base: 5.5 x 8.5, scored and folded at 4.25

Border: 5.5 x 4.25

Card Face: 5.25 x 4

Card Face:

  • This is a two layered stencil: I secured the first layer (the tops of the trees) with Mint Tape.

  • I grabbed red, yellow and green inks, the appropriate blending brushes, and got to work.

  • I applied the colours randomly, not trying for any sort of planned result - although I was careful not to mix the red and green inks as they would have created a muddy brown tone. I applied all the red, then all the green and filled in the yellows at the end, blending slightly over the other two. Some trees have two colours, some have three. All are different.

  • I removed the first stencil and lined up the second one (the tree trunks) and added them in brown, actually being deliberately "blotchy" with the ink, as I didn't want a smooth appearance here.

  • I cut the card face in thirds. Each piece measured 1.75 x 4"


  • I glued the navy blue border layer to the card base.

  • I glued the top piece of the card face to the blue layer, centering vertically and aligning it against the edge.

  • I repeated this with the bottom piece of the card face.

  • I centered the middle section of the card face between the two, ensuring a straight vertical line as well as horizonal spacing.


Once the glue was dry, I put the card face into my stamp positioner. After experimenting a bit to be certain it was straight (I struggle with that!) I stamped it several times in **navy ink. I quickly added clear embossing powder and set it with my heat gun. This ensures that the sentiment has enough presence to stand out against the colourful background.

** although the navy ink is dye based, I have found that repeated stamping will saturate the paper enough to cause embossing powder to stick.

Final thoughts:

This is a very simple card, with clean crisp lines. I considered adding some sparkle at the end but the strong colours and lines felt like "enough" all by themselves, without the distraction that embellishments would have created.

Supplies: (and links where possible)

I have listed which products I have used, and where they were purchased. It's a huge marketplace and in most instances there are multiple sources and many alternatives to choose from.

Stencil:Simple Trees, A Colorful Life Designs

Stamps: Wandering Words, Stampin' Up! (retired)

Ink: Stampin’ Up!


Blending Brushes: Stampin’ Up!

Stamping Platform::Misti, Spellbinders

The platform I use has retired, but the Misti is very similar.

Adhesive: Tombow Aqua, Michaels

Card Base: Accent 100 lb., Amazon

Card Face: Accent 80 lb., Amazon

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