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9/21/20232 min read

This is such a great stencil set, but I rarely have occasion to use it. I was recently commissioned to make cards for a few follows retiring from a conservation group- and it was an immediate choice.

Let’s Get Started:

Card Base: 4.25 x 11, scored and folded at 5.5

Black Border: 4.25 x 5.5

Card Face: 3.75 x 5

This set has six section, and each one is comprised of both stencil and mask - SO many options! Before I could begin I had to decide which pieces would create my scene. I selected 3, and decided to use the stencils for most of the scene rather than the masks.

Card Face:

  • Using a medium blue ink I created the tree line way off in the distance: because I had previously selected my stencils I knew which one was "next" , and had a sense of how far down the ink had to come.

  • I removed that stencil and put the landscape portion down inthe appropriate spot. I deliberately chose a green that had some blue undertones: this allowed the two colours to blend more easily. I went back and forth between blue and green a couple of times at the top of the hills to blend the colours.

  • I removed the landscape stencil and added the foreground stencil to the card face. Using a soft, light green ink, I carried the foreground right to the bottom of the card face.

  • To finish the inking I removed that layer, and put the treeline mask in place: this covered the trees and protected them from any additional ink. I used the same blue ink on the sky that I had used for the treeline, but with a light hand.

  • I put the card face into my stamp positioner, and added the small deer in the foreground towards the right.

  • I also stamped the sentiment directly onto the card face.


I used a small oval die to cut out the sentiment. I added dimensional foam to the back.


I glued the black border layer to the card base, and then glued the card face on top of that.

I removed the backing from the dimensional foam and put the sentiment in place.

Final thoughts:

The card is so calm and serene - I like the suggestion of white between the treeline and the landscape as it feels like fog to me. I find this card very appealing. (hopefully the retiree did as well!)

Supplies: (and links where possible)

I have listed which products I have used, and where they may be purchased. It's a huge marketplace and in most instances there are multiple sources and many alternatives to choose from.

Stencils: Winter Wonder , Honey Bee, Scrapbook.com

Stamps: Deer - Carols of Christmas, Stampin' Up! (retired)

Ink: Stampin’ Up!

Mint Tape:Scrapbook.com

Stamping Platform::Misti, Spellbinders

The platform I use has retired, but the Misti is very similar.

Adhesive: Tombow Aqua, Michaels

Black cardstock, Stampin' Up!

Card Base: Accent 100 lb., Amazon

Card Face: Accent 80 lb., Amazon

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