Royal Birds

You should be treated like the Queen you are!


1/10/20243 min read

Would you like to experiment with a design like this? You'll find a supply list below, including a link to the stencils I used from A Colorful Life Designs. Follow the link and use discount code ChrisFan10 to save 10% on your entire order! (Master Creator Bundles are excluded as they already have a 20% discount built in.)

Let’s get started:

Card Base: 5.5 x 8.5, scored and folded at 4.25

Black Border: 5.5 x 4.25:

Card Face:5.5 x 4.25

Card Face:

  • I secured the Loopy Flower stencil to the card face with Mint Tape, positioning the center of the blossom towards the upper left corner.

  • I brushed a soft yellow ink over the entire surface, allowing it to extend slightly beyond the boundaries of the stencil.

  • I added an orange ink to the center of the blossom, using a heavier hand in the center and allowing it to fade and blend with the yellow as I moved outwards..

  • I put the Bird stencil in place, positioning it so that one of the birds facing right was perched in the center of the flower. After masking off any surrounding birds to prevent an “oops” I inked this up with a dark blue ink.

  • I moved the stencil to position a left-facing bird in the bottom right-hand corner and masking off surrounding birds. I added dark blue ink once again.

  • I removed the stencil, and added a crown to each bird, using a silver gel pen.

  • I used a light gray alcohol marker to add a bit of shadow under each of the birds.

  • I added a tiny black gem to each bird to act as an eye, and added a tiny dot of white to each with a gel pen.

  • I used a very fine microliner to outline both birds, to further define the outlines and create separation from the background.

  • I spattered the card face with metallic copper watercolour.


  • I cut ¼” off of each side of the card face.

  • I put the card face into my trimmer and created a diagonal cut. running from the top right to the bottom left as shown.

  • I cut a narrow strip off of the diagonal edge of the right-hand piece.

  • I stamped the sentiment with black ink, and used a die to cut it out.


  • I glued the left-hand side of the card face to the black border layer, aligning on the top but in ⅛” from the edge on the left.

  • I glued the bottom piece onto the black as well, lining the pieces up on the right-hand edge to recreate the original rectangle, but leaving a narrow gap between the diagonal edges by moving this piece down..

  • I trimmed the bottom of this newly created layer so that all pieces were even.

  • I glued this to the card base.

  • I added dimensional foam to the back of the sentiment and put it in place as shown.

  • I added three small yellow gems.

Final Thoughts

This is a fun, whimsical card. I chuckle at the combination of the crowned birdies and the sentiment. I hope the recipient will too.

Supplies: (and links where possible)

I have listed which products I have used, and where they may be purchased. It's a huge marketplace and in most instances, there are multiple sources and many alternatives to choose from.


Loopy Flower, A Colorful Lie Designs

A Bunch of Birds: A Colorful Life Designs

Stamps: Favorite Sentiments, Stampin’ Up! (retired)

Ink: Stampin’ Up!

Blending Brushes: Stampin’ Up!

Alcohol Markers:

Stampin’ Blends: Stampin’ Up!

Copics: Wallacks


Microliner: Amazon

White Gel Pen: Amazon

Metallic Gel Pen: Amazon

Metallic Watercolour: Amazon

Black Cardstock: Dollarama ***

Adhesive: Tombow Aqua, Michaels

Card Base & Card Face: Accent 100 lb., Amazon

*** See Supplies under Stretch your Pennies in the header

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